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Services of the Firm

The Firm renders legal advice, legally representing and acting on behalf our corporative and individual Clients in matters related to:

Environment – Civil – Commercial – Consumer Law and Unlawful Concurrence – Industrial Design and Models – Labor and Social Security – Trademarks – Patent and Utility Models – Intellectual Property and Copyright – Maritime, Aeronautical and Land Transportation – International Trade – Tax law



We conduct Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) and Environmental Audit Studies (EAS) in order to assure the proper fulfillment of those national, provincial and local environmental regulations applicable to the Client’s business.

The Firm also develops legal audits, due diligence proceedings and renders legal advice specialized in clean-up and remediation matters for industrial plants.



Loss and damage claims derived from contractual liability (mortgages, prendas) and tort law (street accidents, damages suffered in public places) inheritance, divorces, partitioning agreements, division de condominio.



We accompany our Clients in the negotiations and full conclusion of all kind of commercial contracts, of representation, franchising and licensing covering the trademark and tax matters involved therein.

Constitution of corporations and legal entities, carrying out all proceedings on behalf of our Clients before the Official Registry Authorities, stockholder agreements, legal actions against assembly decisions, advice and representation of directors, stockholders shareholders and síndicos in corporative conflicts, mergers and acquisitions.

Presentacion en concurso preventivo, processes of credit verifications, revision incidents and all matters related to falential and break up processes.

Execution of title of credit papers, bills, constitution and execution of payment guarantees (mortgages, prendas), fianzas bails, avales, levantamiento de embargos and personal credit legal restrictions, checks, pagarés.

Industrial Models and Design


We act on behalf of our Clients representing them in all matters regarding the inscription and the legal defense of any human creation related to an industrial product which gives it an ornamental value.

Trademark issues


We offer legal advice, development of studies based on commercial feasibilities of new brands, searching for antecedents, and performing all duties before the National Institute for trade mark in order to obtain the Ownership Title. As Trade Mark Agents we develop Search and prepare Reports on registration possibilities and act in defense of the registered trademarks of our Clients, presenting opositions trough administrative and judicial actions against third parties applications of registration, and concluding transfer and license agreements.

Intellectual Property and Copyright


We represent Clients on issues regarding literary and scientific works, software registration and musical pieces.

Consumer law and Unlawful Concurrence


We render all legal services involved in those subjects, which are usually linked to trade mark legal situations.

Labor and Social Security


We act and represent parties in labor conflicts and labor claims both when it takes place in the administrative instance and in courts.

We act on behalf of our Clients in negotiations of  labor collective agreements representing them before trade unions and defending them against fines and economic sanctions imposed under Social Security Administration rules and proceedings.

Maritime and Aeronautical and Land Transportation connected to international trade issues


We represent Clients in negotiations and conclusions of Letters of Indemnity, reserve clauses, chartering, leasing and financial instruments for the acquisition of ships, aircrafts and ground vehicles for transportation. We also act in liabilities conflicts involving shippers, shipping companies, freight forwarders, terminal operators and port operators.

edidas cautelares embargo e interdicciçon de salida of ships and aircrafts, and legal actions against secuestro of buses and trucks.

Tax law


The Firm counsels our Clients on tax planning and tax structures matters including advice on the impacts they cause in business.

We represent our Clients during legal processes involving fines by Customs and other National and local administrations.